What is SpotCha?

SpotCha! is an application for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to search your OS X computer using Spotlight™. With SpotCha! you can search for practically anything on your computer from your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can search for documents, music, photos, images, bookmarks, spreadsheets, events, etc… You can then view your documents or download your documents and take them with you. You can also play songs that you find on your computer.

The installation SpotCha! Desktop application is required on an OS X computer with Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) or later (including Lion 10.7). Once you have set up SpotCha! Desktop application on your OS X computer, you are ready to use SpotCha! on your iPhone. The iPhone App will help you locate your desktop computer if both devices are on the same local Wi-Fi network.

The work on SpotCha! is ongoing. We are constantly thinking about new features and ways to improve the user experience. There are many new features and cool improvements planned for future releases. Feel free to contact us if you have one in mind.
Thanks for your interest in SpotCha!

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