What’s New!

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Version 1.7 Now Available

1) Bug fixes
2) Improvements to the Saved Documents view.
3) Fix auto login. Now when you check “Automatically login user” in settings
4) Fix crash on configuration startup
5) Search performance improvements. Faster searching
6) Fix issues with custom dates in detailed search.
7) Fix Action Menu in the document view
8) Preparing for new server release.

Version 1.6 released to fix a few bugs

– Fix crash in detailed search view
– Fix issues with search dates in results view
– Finds and adds more music type files to search results view

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Version 1.5 Coming Soon!

– Updated for iOS5
– New look search browser and Item view UI
– Simplified Chinese
– Many bug fixes
– Improved stability and performance

SpotCha! Version 1.3 is now available!

– Improved user interface for viewing items.
– Snapshot your documents that you find and save them to your iPhone Photo Album.
– Save photos you find to your iPhone Photo Album.
– Easier installation and setup.
– Improved searching so you can find more stuff!
– Bug Fixes.

SpotCha! Version 1.2 is now available!

– Improved searching (find more stuff)
– Multiple word search. (search for individual words or multiple word phrases)
– Fixed bugs when background switching.
– bug fixes

SpotCha! Version 1.1 is here!

New Stuff

– iOS 4.3 support.
– Improved searching capabilities. Finding results are now much more accurate.
– New category search browsing for more easily browsing search results.
– Support for viewing office docs (.xlsx, .pptx and .docx)
– E-mail viewing support (no attachment support)
– bug fixes


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